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Thank you Creator, for my whole body prayer: the essence of Yoga Mala. I bow to the revered teachers before me, humbled before their faith & devotion: To the MAHA Guru, Sri Krsna S'iva, to the Supreme Soul within. Praises, bowing to You. Tat Tvam Asi ~ Thou Art That. To all the visible and invisible around me, witnessing, I offer my humble surrender and endless gratitude. THANK YOU FOR THE INFINITE THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR. To the sadhaka virtues that pour form my center, miraculous and ordinary. To the burning of intoxicities, distortions of consciousness, balancing Being + Becoming. And so will I weave this wisdom of Your Life-Force into me & everything around me.

Weaving the medicine of the Miracle Heart. Fulfill I in Momentous praise, Now + then practicing, in devotion. Living poetry illuminating. Absolving, into the Wholly triad: *body-mind-consciousness - *sat-chit-ananda *truth-consciousness-bliss This life is but a weaving dream, with golden threads and silver streams. HOLY BREATH, ENGULF ME IN YOUR MAJESTY Every posture, an impressive (in the literal sense meaning to press into) PRAYER IN ACTION unto my Universe, while manipulating rivers of energy on purpose. My prayer, spiraling in loving prostration, in one- pointedness, I witness, extending a bit further each time. Each pose, a compass, re-aligning me with true North, while opening the flowing chambers of the south, east, and west gates. Harmonizing the north and south poles. Dear divine masculine and divine feminine, join in bliss + creation. Vibration-ally, Integrating slivers from every iota of consciousness, in form and life-force energy, home into living God. (Here) Hear, me now. Withdrawing all senses into Transcendental Consciousness, where none other but YOU exist. In between the space of all 8-limbs. MAY MY YOGIC PRAYERS THUNDERCLAP THROUGH CELESTIAL ROADS. Shaking through all the Cosmos. All of my world. Thank you, thank you. Thank you for watering my root with your agape, Ambrosia for the sincere and innocent. FOR ALL SENTIENT BEINGS OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Thank you Divinity for YOGA MALA. I drink from you, my greatest reservoir, my Elixir of youth, my auspicious Source. My true Transcendental nature. To be continued...

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