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Trustful Surrender, Wise Action!

Everything in my life up until now has taught me to Trust.

Trust the process. “Respect the process.” Trust the plan.

I died many, many, many ego deaths, and had two NDE when I was younger.

I don’t know how I made it through (because I didn’t do anything, Her Will Be Done Through Me).

I’m blessed to have lived this long.

All the while, there has always been this Immortal Light shining.

Dim growing up, though now outshines everything… I See.

I chose to see it once & I will die choosing to see it over, and over again.

When I anchor into my breath, when I love intentionally, when I get out of my own way, when I tune into the magic that surrounds me, it is here in plain-view.

(the city I grew up in by adoption…coincidence, there are no coincidences).


In these times, it doesn’t take away from the millions of beings enslaved into a paradigm of torturous suffering, or their physical transcendence & the painful experiences their loved ones are enduring.

It DOES add to the billions being saved on Earth by the resurrection of pure awareness expanding.

Mind you in the Infinite One housing all of it inside the Universal Mind.

Remember, the same storm that shakes us cleanses us.

The thorn to the rose, if you will, it’s One.



Pay attention to the thorn or the rose, or the plague or the remedy, or the ignorant or the illuminated, it’s up to each of us which perspective we will take.

The world is healing. Our Mother Earth, Healing. Hue-manity is waking into a collective momentum of Grace we have been disconnected from for far too long (crown/corona).

You see, the larger picture has been so severely engrained inside of me, I can’t unsee it.

I have been divinely red-pilled like in The Matrix (at such a young age where my first memories were looking at solid objects and seeing it move like water, they were not so solid after all).

The resolution of 2020 vision is ultra-clear.

Sometimes, I witness the tremors of uncertainty, at other times the bottomless compassion for those suffering.

Most of all; none of it goes without the Presence of Supreme Love:

hand-in-hand with the courage necessary for pathfinding Truth.

Truth is not a partial thing.

Truth is wholly undivided, and if we are all in this Existence together, whatever side we stand on, it is all part & parcel of the One.

An extension of Source.

Thus, how can we judge any of it within our limited (binary encoded (1/0) human perspective?

Rather we must learn BE-CAUSE of it. We must BE & ACT Be-CAUSE of IT.

Expand from an Intelligence beyond the binary logic.

And Trust.

We must demonstrate the essence of the Wholly Teachings within our self, first and foremost.

Only then, can we share with razor-sharp compassion & steadfast sincerity, for all is waking from a long slumber.

At the same time wisely discerning: Voice for something, take action for something, or else you will be supporting its opposite.

Take none of it personally. Take none of it for granted. Project none of it onto anyone.

If you keep pointing out what is “wrong” with the way “they” are doing something, you waste time on re-creating a different currency within yourself. Less time on the solution.

And within a relationship. We must go to the vibration of resolution first.

Vibrational harmony, supreme love & light. Compassion. Discernment. Honesty. Action.

Don’t accept what you hear so easily, and don’t reject it either.

You can call out those who do not have awareness of what they do.

OR be the demonstration of the Presence YOU are desiring.

Take it upon yourself to know yourself,

To interiorize, what is True?

Regarding global & individual concerns: re-search the currents (events) & their origins, happening to our people, until you’ve exhausted yourself one way or the other.

Remember, all of it is a Master in disguise, teaching us.

Also remember, what we think is true is true, and we will try and prove it “wrong” based on our beliefs about it or become “altered” by it proving us “wrong.”

(How can there be “wrong” or “right” when everything, simply, is what it is?)

Along the lines of Buddha, “As the sun and moon cannot be long hidden, neither can Truth.”

It’s inevitable.


Anyway, if there is one thing I Trust, it is Trust Itself:

And That Supreme Light (BTW shadow is a degree of light, that is what Illusion is: a projection of Light)

is always guiding us. It will always continue to be what it is - enlightening.

We are living auspicious times. Are you still with me?

Times only the heroic will be able to see clearly (non-dual).

Where there is a great divide, on the other side of the coin, is Unity, where there are problems there are solutions (where does that degree begin/end?).

What it all boils down to is... all of it is

for our Ultimate Good.

If we ourselves are committed to doing this good work of restoring integrity within ourselves first.

Mastering ourselves first.

Then harmony is inevitable.

Lord, Creator, thank you for this miracle you give us every day.

To fight the good fight through willful surrender to You.

Taking action where I can, and letting you take care of the rest, most Glorious One.

I Trust.

Today, I invite you to anchor into your breath, your body, your heart.

Aim all of it towards your own Sacred Vessel.

Be fulfilled from the energy of your own Beingness. Be re-source-fulfilling.

Move towards your Devotional Soul and the Love that is supra-natural converging illusion into the Point of Presence.

Love. Remember. Serve.

Remember you are just beginning.

Attune yourself to the reality you will SEE.

It all starts & ends within You, any-way.


All my Love, all ways.

"Tracing the Law that I Glean"

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