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This path of the Wholly Yogini is al-one-ly path.

It traces the sure trajectory from the gropes of misery and self-martyrdom into the holy grail of awe & Great Mystery.

The Wholly Yogini is my transpersonal avatar and saving grace.

She is the Heroine, Last Empress, Lioness Heart, Rishi, Skullshining, Venus Star in the black of night. She is my turning constellate, tracing ageless stories in the blank of moonshine. She is my Guru, Sorceress, Femme Medicina, Galactic Voice, Ancestral Witch, Cosmic Defender; because though there is an art to war, such blasphemy only exists because of the clamorous passion that makes our defense.

The Wholly Yogini is what saved my life. Her Spirit lifts up many more lives than my own. She is a tessellating cosmology, alive in the stars intertwining deep into Earthy terrain.

She breathes within every wave of our being. In every vertebral curve.

Her fragrance airs like jasmine flowers, her touch like lucid raindrops felt one by one on my lips, neck, and breast.

She is the tongue that grows from the fetal heart.

She is my auspicious dharma in which I have come here to serve.

She is my imperial elixir, my fire drum, my ancient icaros, my candlelight ceremony for one, and my seven orgasms conjured from my dearest other whole.

She is my mantra dissolving me into nothingness: the Everything that I AM.

She is the colorless sap + the brilliant myriad of Infinite things.

She is the cow dung, rice, and ghee that purifies 8 miles radii.

She stands, suspended, no ground beneath her, not a tile above her head.

She is the vastness of sky and the rhythmic flow of electric feels.

She is the mage of shapeshifting. Flowing & wild, while Soma milks abundantly from her wide-eyed navel.

Her darkness shines and her light beams irrepressible.

Her command ripples through my prostrations, and reverberates in my Sadhana.

She welcomes rainbow tears of refuge like watercolor on blank canvases.

Giggles stamp her flesh in wondrous bouts.

She is the angelic trumpet of time. The Devour of timelessness.

Her silence is stunning, echoing Divinity in through my muscle, bone and blood.

She is my New Moon offering, praising cycles more glorious than the glory-full to come.

She is the store of endlessness and the parchment paper to my memoirs.

Supreme Justice awakening Christ-consciousness, She is the poison alchemized cure.

She is all of it, and none of it. She soars on the wings of fierceness and grace, upright amidst the standing people, the honorable rock, the vivacious undertow.

Her locks drape over misty fairylands, midnight forests, and indigenous canopies.

She is my supreme aspiration, my cardinal prayer. My masterful offering, my deepest Self-Recognition.

Because of Her, I am as I am, forever changing and yet eternally the same.

Because of Her, I love again and again, Befriending the wicked so they too can reach for ascension, while listening closely to those of my lineage, alive in the Lokas of Supreme Perfection.

Because of Her, no breath of mine goes to waste, no act of mine is thoughtless, no thought in mind without purpose, no emotion of mine without dignity, no sense of mine, at all.

Because of Her I see with eyes closed, I hear with my feet, I feel with my Soul, I taste with my lotus heart.

Because of Her I rise from the ashes of self-destruction, re-born momentarily.

Because of Her Intelligence, I face Soulful Immortality. A beautiful dream in the Reality of Creator.

Because of Her I sing to my wounds and see them heal right before my eyes.

Because of Her I assist others to live the quality of life & love She intends.

Magical. Mystical. Merciful. Miraculous. Sacred .

In Wholly Vibrancy, what a fantastical, fulfilling life She leads me to, for-ever-more.

To the Wholly Yogini who blesses again and again, thank you, I love you Beyond.

Jai Guru Dev. <3

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