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Sadhana is a discipline, a daily practice and a sanctuary for the seeker. It is an every day, and really moment to moment, volition to purify the way of the mind + body so the soul can witness being in her Nature. It is an act of devotion for the transcendence of individual mind (jivatman) to the Universal mind (Paramatman). It is an alchemical cultivation of purification, vibration integration & sincere surrender that lead to direct experience with Purusha (Pure Consciousness).

It is an inevitable requirement for self-realization. It is the blossoming journey of the aspirant into unwavering faith and reality of her true Self.

I have learned and experienced many different forms of sadhana practice according to different schools of thought from Raja to Bhakti to Kripalu to Transcendental Meditation though the basic structure is more/less the same.


+Wake 2-2.5 hours before the Sunrise where stillness is most pervasive as the days are buzzing with energy.

+Meditation with head, neck and spine aligned and erect will balance pituitary and pineal glands with the auspicious alignment of the Earth and Sun at 60 degrees. Since the whole Cosmos is mathematically encoded, this is no coincidence that an equilateral triangle is the 2D face of the 3D holographic pyramid. Two pyramids inverted is the star mer-ka-ba (light-spirit-body) or the vehicle utilized by ascended masters to reach the higher dimensional realms.

+Sunrise sadhana equates to acting in accord with Universal Law. Just as the sun is the Energy for all life, so too we build heat or tapas within to build the life-force energy necessary for a beautiful and productive day.

+Depending on the practitioner, various elements are woven together for the pursuit of utilizing minimum effort for maximum results. Some elements include:

Prostration, prayer and invocation which includes mantra, postural practice (Tibetan Rites, Surya Namaskara’s, asanas (postures) with sankalpa (intention) and bhavna (mood), bandha (energetic locks) and mudra (seals of energy) practice, pranayam (breath exercise) and meditation in this case Transcendental Meditation, followed by writing/conscious channeling.

All rituals, acts of worship, rites have one thing in common: Connection & Union. The point is to create a foundation so the physical, and especially emotional-mental and spiritual bodies are strong, elastic, cleansed, integrated and balanced. It is likened to a flute. Only because the flute is empty and hollow can the breath of the Divine channel through creating melodic harmonies unto the great Master Peace. It is like setting up a sacred space, to enter into the bath where ambrosia of higher states of consciousness can absolve us home into the stillness of Source and not only remember the union that was never separate but truly live it. Not just think about how relaxing and nourishing the bubble bath with your favorite essential oils is, but experiencing it.

SO here we purify our bodies (gross and subtle) so the impurities of ignorance can dissolve and blockages discharged whether physically, mentally-emotionally, energetically or spiritually.

Any dis-ease of the body or mind is energetic in nature and thus affects the whole and the perceptual reality we are experiencing life with.

When we establish new patterns and master break-through veils of ignorance, we re-align with Universal Law and naturally Intelligence will restore itself in our bodies, invoking deep peace and health.

NOTE: Someone who may work 9-5 may need a different type of practice not necessarily so extensive and may have different requirements and do well with simply meditating for 20 minutes. Someone who is a night-owl may benefit from practicing at midnight. Musicians, artists, writers may benefit from 12 basic asanas from the school of Sivananda and more on pranayama or singing the name of God as in Bhakti yoga. Qi-gong practitioners, martial artists, ecstatic dancers have their own practice (this too is the science of Yoga in a different form). The variations go on forever. Of course, Yoga adapts to the student and everyone is so unique one would do well by seeking the path best for her life-experience.

Yoga is a science, and an art. Sadhana (without expectation, attachment and with constant practice) creates the space for the self-illuminating Radiance of Higher Consciousness to flow like the river bends. Set a time, every day or night for constant practice in this. Follow your heart to feel, experience and live the truth of Reality: that which is beyond the duality of time and space and of spiritual origin.

Many systems of yoga, teachers and gurus suggest what to do and what not to do and so beautifully only the aspirant learns how to be and experience truth by enlightening IT upon herself.

It doesn’t matter how you connect as long as it born from heart-based intention.

Liberation from suffering is the flowerbed on which the practice of sadhana rests.

Bring awareness to obstacles that one must persevere through, remaining loyal to the intention of growth + enhancement.

Some obstacles come from mechanical chanting or clinging to the mantra or posture, to loss of inspiration, to encountering distractions that keep one from going deeper. Nevertheless, The wise woman on the path knows that all experiences are mere opportunities for advance and thus every moment is made sublime by the light of love unconditional. Sadhana is the anchor, and preserver of self-mastery. Through compassionate en-trainment, soon the student will not be able to keep away from receiving the blissful wisdom intrinsic in daily commune. To Be Continued...

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