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Rock'n It

I never hugged a rock so tightly.

I had just followed a beautiful soul up a trail to free climb a Boulder face 600ft high, here in CO. Amateur. Which has the word ama or love.

I was shaking! He told me it was a bit of a commitment, am I in?

How could I not?

Incoming... Whirling rainbows:::

What if this were a zombie apocalypse and I had to do this, could I? What a perfect opportunity for ego death Wow, I am so scared right now...(this honesty was super liberating, alchemizing) What if my foot slips? (what if it doesn't).

UM, These pros are badass. They climb way more intense rock faces. Why? Adrenaline fix? Altitude? Nature? Strength? Agility?


Ah, time to think. Oh, i get it... Yoga.

Yoga all ways. That's Yoga.

And when you do think, it's progressive thought (toward completion of the Goal)

Move foot here, grab onto here. No time or space for any thing else than what Isness.

Emptiness, breath, height, god, an existential fear that has NO other choice but to shape shift into pure ecstasy.... Without words.

One of my solutions for transcending fear would be this radical ecstatic, liberation just on the other side.

If you tune into it, it is present. Just like any other vibrational thing ness in the universe.

Wise then to kind Thoughts as the gardener adores flowering Consciousness in the safe haven of Goddess mind.

So it goes, The ascent to the top is never without some required effort. The effortlessness arises when the mind is emptied, and something miraculous takes over.

Alas, sitting at the top of that climb, stunning, soaking in the sensation of vast, impenetrable joy.

Facing death like that was empowering. Facing height like that was mind blowing. An opportunity for self mastery beyond, stretching limits, reviving the gift of impermanence.

Receiving the gift of all the above & beyond.

Could you do it? Would you? That's Sovereignty to me. Transcending fearlessness. Directing mind energy.

Nothing to prove. Everything to receive.

The mantra did arise and it helped remind me of that space. But that didn't dissolve my intense fear that surged through me.

Ultimately, it was my decision to be totally empty myself that did it.

I now have a newfound respect for action-less-action or "wu-wei," a Taoist concept I tattooed on the back of my neck when I was 18.

In these days, I am grateful for all the reminders that glitter like sun kissed flowing waters through my vessel.

Because holy shilajit, your on a side of a Boulder, there's not much else you can do besides surrender to the higher nature about it all.

Sounds like the perfect plan.

Scarier than sky diving, and paragliding, I'm not sure about bungy jumping, never tried it (past life stuff?) ((is that even a thing? Lol))

It's always amazing to try new things, open & trust yourself, how much expansion happens.

It's amazing facing your own mortality, frees up more space to live, wholly embodied.

The whole scenario reminded me,

"What is your legacy?" not in my thoughts, in my whole being.

My life has been nothing short of bold moves as it continues to grow bolder in truth....

For the benefit of all sentient beings

While the beat keeps rolling, rolling, rolling....

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