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Relax is the keyword here!

A memory:

When I was around 16 years old, I traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my family as we took holiday at their timeshare. I had a glass of wine and I was just coming out of a grueling depression. I was so happy to feel the warmth of the sun and sand between my toes, and I looked out onto the rolling ocean. I started walking into it, and the waves started getting bigger. Not extreme surfing waves, but I was amazed at the force of what seemed like 8-10 foot waves. One wave led to the next and all of a sudden I found myself raptured in a strong undertow that pulled me into it’s wild life. My body flailed around, I didn’t know which way was the bottom and which way to the shore. I panicked and truly thought that was going to be it. I couldn’t do anything but entirely surrender. It was one of the longest 45 seconds in my life. If I didn’t surrender, I could’ve died. If I tried to fight my way out, the ocean would’ve made sure I was trying to fight my way out. Yet, because I relaxed, I was able to slip out & be spit out by the grace of god as I finally caught my breath. I trekked out onto the shore as my body dropped to the ground watching the rolling sincerity of Mother Ocean. I’ll never forget that miracle that blessed me with another day to live. In times like these, those memories come back into my mind to remind me just how grateful I am to wake up today. And use this day as an offering, to my dreams, my goals, my visions, my aspirations. It can be so easy to get cloudy with all the emotional uprisings that are surfacing on the planet. Yet if we can keep relaxing into the present moment, keep relaxing into faith in our Creator and our Intention of why we are here; if we can relax into the Universe bringing to us what it is we truly desire, we welcome the art of letting it go, and letting goddess. We owe it to ourselves to relax into LOVE and keep faithful to our inner joy. Over these past few weeks, I have realized the delusion of letting other people or situations “take away” my Inner JOY. Metaphysically speaking it is not possible- Ananda or bliss cannot be reduced or lost – it can only be increased- it is what dwells within our core self. It is only ourselves who gives our power away to things outside of us or our limiting beliefs. *insert giggles from self to self here* So, with all the chaos that is happening in the world, keep churning the sweet nectar of bliss that is deep inside of you, with all your treasures, your keys, your gifts, your presents, and leverage this energy to fuel your purpose! Let nothing, no obstacle, no person, no fear or anxiety, no worry, no negativity, no ill thought, to take up any more space inside your sacred temple! Remember, relax, and let your frequency rise naturally. T his is the whole thing about surrender – surrendering to the WHOLE of you: parts you crave to flow through you, parts you’d rather not look at. Invite all of it to have tea with you in the Goldish Garden & listen. They bring messages that logic cannot understand, yet can be deciphered through feeling & listening deep in our heart space. No need to hurry either, for there is nothing to get, You are IT. You are the path. You are the expert of your own life, so aim for excellence, from a space where you know you have already Excelled! Have faith in yourself and the Universe will congratulate you for your loyalty in ways above & beyond. *Oh, and absolutely you are loved just by being YOU! I feel all these challenges all point to that wholly reminder - you are loved just by being You. It's time to BE THAT for yourself for LOVE is the ultimate Medicine. X-Aum, Trace Gleen

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