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~Embrace your Inner B*tch.~


I never, ever thought I’d be saying that. That used to be a huge trigger word for me.

I remember one time I told my brother to stop calling me that.

Even though he was joking (and schooling me) I took it SO seriously, I bet when he reads this, oh I can just see his smirk now.

I’m not talking bout the bitchiness of ego satisfaction through complaining or holding a rude girl vibe.

I'm not talking about the "wanting" to be right over happy.

(which just comes from a false defense mechanism of not knowing how to handle pain in life that has been too much to bear! Here for you.)

Nor the common stigma of “wrongness” or as it is defined “a difficult or unpleasant situation or thing.”

Seen in pop-culture, this term bitch has become some sort of icon continuously stamped in 440 noise that is not music, but idle chatter on sex, fame, money, and women or bitches.

I am also NOT talking about the bitchiness that supports any form of prejudice, injustice, emasculation, violence, etc.

It's time to heal that.

I’m not even talking about the bitchiness of Feminist perspectives that have totally denied or made inferior the reality of our Masculinist vitality (no Bueno).

Time to heal that was yesterday.

Please inner-stand the bitchiness I’m talking about is that femme sass that can be used as a TOOL for the destruction of ILLUSION NOT the perpetuation of it.

I’m talking about RE-COGNIZING that howling inner wolf.

The queen that gets sh*t done. The one who SEES and shares HER Truth, reclaims her power!

Be-cause now

more than ever we need that. We need to cross the thresholds of SENSITIVE EGO and REVEAL the SENSEI called WHOLENESS.

While the darkest before the dawn is what we are witnessing right now, this voice told me (out of all things) to “Embrace your Inner B*tch.”

Ah, the irony of the cosmic paradox we live in :D

No more people-pleasing, no more keeping mute, no more playing NICE, I’m playing NIRVANA.

Nice = feel good ; Nirvana = Transcendental Being (beyond good -> God).

Nirvana is the re-absorption of all the “scattered” parts of us, that create these kind of holes within our energy field.

Those painful spaces & patterns (attachment, desire, suffering) we fall into and can’t seem to get out of, the one’s that pain our hearts.

Collapsing these “holes” is what I call Nirvana, and ouala you are home in Wholeness (* the drive for wholly yogini*).

Y O U R W H O L L Y T R U T H =


It’s a big task, yet not impossible. Because we already ARE IT (WHOLE) it’s just about revealing it in each one.

Oh, if ALL humans felt the love of the WHOLLY SPIRIT how great we could rise to our infinite potential as a collective.

So what I am saying is, It’s about embracing ALL parts of US, so there are no more WARS within,

And so the end of war is without. It’s about listening to others, and sitting, and consciously acting in LIFE.

It's about tuning IN, IN, IN & Shining THAT OUT, OUT, OUT. Where else can YOU shine but in darkness?!?!

I could go on, ok. So yes, Embracing INNER bitch is liberating.

It’s a realization of my own authentic empowerment. My humanness & my goddessness intertwining.

No longer am I trying to be a saint, I am not a saint.

No longer am I tied to thinking I am a sinner, I am not a sinner. I just AM!

My inner B (queen BE) put flowers in my mouth and said, “Speak with compassion & Speak Your Truth.”

The Whole Truth. * I’m going to leave off here:

Being absolutely free to BE YOU (not the fragmented parts of you) ALL OF YOU, unapologetically, there is nothing like it.

Especially! When the intentions are for the GOOD OF ALL.

Thanks to my INNER bitch, my LOVE communicates*

P.S**** Rudra Mudra *** The sacred gesture for dispelling all ILLUSION, Creativity, PERSONAL WILL, CONFIDENCE, SOLAR PLEXUS, SERVICE TO THE LORD, STRENGTH

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