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Initiating Integrity 

In the city ⚒ or the jungle 🌿 , forest or temple, 🕉 “Bring Integrity to your creation. Authenticity to your sustenance. Responsibility to your destruction. Enriching to your delusion. Causing to your liberation, and Shaktinipata (Joyful Living) to your whole being and life.” – Nithyananda

~ Thank you Creator, For cleaning my perception with your Infinitude, Here I am, receiving You, in my self so,

In all your love, in all your light, In all your everything that born me from your cosmic Universal Mind, And everything around me that will also Disperse from this plane and go home into You. I surrender myself into our greatest love now, letting go of all that keeps us separate,

And making Your presence real through me,

For it takes us joined as One,

For the enrichment

Of all life.

In great joy & love & gratitude,

I AM That I Am.

~ Integrating & harmonizing with your divine galaxia. ~ Galactic Hawk Moon Month of Integrity ~ Oh, those Feels!

Integrating awarenesses of our own neuroses, dreams, desires, limitations, and limitless nature. It can be a bit overwhelming, if it weren't for the inner fountain of Integrity.

First, we spin into the quantum soup, aye, dios mío! Yes, let’s do it! Let go of yourself!

Let go of everything: who ever you thought you were. However you think you are.

Let it go. It's a possibility, a story based on your worries of the future and sorrows of the past. Drop it!

Let's create a new story, one entirely different!

Now, pretend you just woke up from a really deep dream. Yes, close your eyes and open them gently, and imagine you just arrived here. Woah! Hi! Who are you? You have no idea who or what anything is.

Talk about integrity.

Integrating the known, the process of knowing, and the unknown. All while coming in Great peace with the unknowable. Wow!

You see, this integrative & imaginative space of pretending you are an alien for a brief moment opens our awareness to experience life without all our mental-emotional entanglements or our associations about it.

You look around, and it actually does look a little bit different. Like a cleaner slate to move within. The senses are now transferring different codes, because as far as your mind is thinking, "I know nothing."

So instead of the terrifying white canvas or screen or stage before you, it is what it is, which in all reality is made of the same stuff the Cosmos are made of.

That you are made of.

You see where I am going with this?

No matter where you are, you bring yourself with you. When you have integrated, that you are all ways integrating, a creative curiousity arises, pulling you from the tramplings of defeat, or experiences of trauma and challenge, into newfound states of ecstatic wonder and deep tranquility.

The empty screen is no longer a terrifying possibillity of rejection and failure, it is what it is: a space to CREATE and a THING to be used to further nourish your dreams.

The matter of fact is, you are deciding to choose YOU, in your Infinite empowering-ments ; in your most natural inclinations, and paint your wholly Cosmos all cross the universe!!

Unless you want to keep living in the bondage of suffering states of Consciousness and the all too familiar addictions to negativity, toxicity, FEAR, SCARCITY, victimization, and petty tyranny things.

I think not, so the only way to go from here is turning all those limiting excuses into enchanting opportunities.

When you are about to compare yourself, hold on you are a unique flower, and thus incomparable.

When you play too much importance on who you are, wait a moment, you are insignificant like every other miraculous cloud, dream, kiss, birth, metamorphosis.

When you feel you do not belong, wait a moment, you are here! Star stuff in flesh, nothing happens on coincidence!

And so on, and on.

You see, Natural Law is based on Isness. Rather than clinging so tightly to our limited thought perspectives of who we "want" to be, or "what we think we are not", let it all go. Instead, surrender to what IS,

Be-cause it always comes back to yourself :

Who you are choosing to become!

Surrender those instances that dim your glow of awareness! and step into a greater Truth of who you are. INTEGRITY! Bingo!

The above practice is just one relative exercise that is a portal for quickly accessing and integrating subtle, more refined frequencies.

Here, your vibration is signaling to the Universe, "I know no thing." Which in one perspective, can be seen as I know no - thing.

Only what IS.

Rather than living out the stories that look for any evidence to support "what you know" there is a road less traveled and here all the silver linings hint towards the Golden stream of pure being.

In life, we are continuously surrendering the" things we think we know" for the ability to open ourselves to what is, a process that leads us to our most natural way of being: the journey of becoming, like the beautiful spiral of a nautical shell.

Now, take a deep breath. Pretty cool right?

You wouldn't know who you just got into an argument with, what grudge you were holding, what excuses kept holding you back from making power moves, whatever it was, it's gone now. Imagine all that space freed for pure creativity to fill it.

We are tuning into the simplicity of life experiencing itself rather than judging itself, running away or hiding from itself! We are Soaring on the wings of our evolution.

A contemplation technique for Integrity:

Take another deep breath into your heart:

What is your heart asking to reunite with?

What impressions keep yearning for your attention?

What experiences are you longing to feed your mind-body connection?

What is calling for expression, that only you have the unique gift for?

Be open, honest, and audacious with your dreams.

You didn't come here to keep playing small, bound to some kind of repeating imprisonment doomed for all life.

Quite the opposite. You are here to be revealed in your greatness in service to the Greatness of Life.

Tone into the frequency that enchants your heart and match that frequency, so whatever you are doing right here, right now, is nourished with what you know is inevitable:

All those wholly feels! That can only be accessed here & now!

Commit to ending that which isn't aligning with your being, and commit to being immersed in the energy feels that feel good, aligning and expanding!


That is integrity.

Know all the above, undoubtedly comes with faith, trust, and deep surrender.

You look at Nature; a sunrise, birds chirping, ocean waves, the endless sky, and for a moment you take a deep breath into this space, what a mystery life is!

How effortless life moves.

And you are not separate, in power, in presence, in grace & love, in magic and mystique, in your increasing capacity to transform your reality, magnetizing more abundance, more love, more connection, more contribution, more meaning amore… only Love.

Remember, there can never be more in this universe, for the algorithm implies not enough and contradicts its own infinite nature.

There can only be "insert frequency here."

Is-ness. Surrender to the Is-ness in deep devotion. The Isness of support, bounty, abundance, love, life, truth, peace, health, bliss... It comes in thousands and thousands of various ways. Proclaim it and so it will be!

Naturally we spiral back into our true nature, causal, creative, conscious, integrating our unique flowering with our innermost galactic essence.

This combination, integrating being and becoming, is like a lotus spiraling destiny towards the heavens. All muck is fertilization purposed for our ultimate enjoying all that chooses to experience & express itself, which implies our own freedom to "be the change we wish to see."

All things & nothingness is just another catalyst towards the sacred gift of being human, remembering our wholeness within and so without.

We have been blessed with this gift to make beautiful experinces for our self, beautiful things on this plane, for our world and collective conscious at large. This gift is walking the Integral way with great authenticity, responsibly enriching and nourishing life. By following

The Divine guidance that never turns us AWAY, Pulsing to us to join Her, in the depths of our heart essence.

We can integrate more subtle states of awareness, spiritualizing the mundane into a deep intimate relationship to Spirit and Life itself. Enlightening your frequencies so you may shed the densities of an outdated way of living, opening to the realization Heaven really is the Queendom that exists within.

Integrity is knowing whatever many times I fail, I rise inevitably. And so I'll just go with rising now, until I remember I'm neither rising or falling, I am ever shining.

"As within, so without" & so it is.

You are a gift, open yourself! And see everything out there unfold beautifully for you.

Jai Guru Dev.

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