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I have a few questions...

^"Move Beyond Appearance."- A photo of self & Self in Rishikesh, India.

1. Oh baby girl, have you dropped it yet?

All those stories that keep you tied to the past & wound up inside of you,

anxiously pouting for the future?

Have you dropped the desire to desire,

so the innermost desire can reveal itself in perfect Beauty?


Spirit experiencing and expressing itself within this hue-man experience.

Such is a causal space so it renders cause-less.

Like Love, Love is a cause-less cause, it is simply….

because there is nothing else for it to do!

No agenda. No reason.



Watering from a deep, INNER reservoir so above & beyond the

binary rigidity of cause & effect,

of mind & Intelligence,

of this & that.

It is that supreme!

The Eternal Beatitude of simply Being.

It’s a tricky paradox, oh what cosmic amusement…

Like in relationships, is it their programs or your perceptions?

Both, or Neither?

Is it all God?

Or the One True God… AND this “thing”…..

then would it not be One, albeit One & other? It's still with One is it not? 2.

Is it that I need to willingly fight for my people being slayed by demonic interference & raise awareness

of the anti-christ consciousness that has been occurring here, for gosh, idk aeons?

Or is it that I need to open my heart & demonstrate the gift of Sovereignty?

Is it both?

Or Neither?

Isn’t it all God, any way?

Is that spiritual bypassing??

To just claim all of it as God, or

is that just the mother-loving Truth?

Another question?

Would I not be a “pure spiritualist” if I used the F word, there?

Or am I because I wake up at 4am to read poetry to God and Her angels?

Or am I not because I haven’t been able to do/be/have ‘xyz’ for “x” amount of time?

or Am I because I simply exist?

or Am I not because there is no such thing that is not Spirit,

and so to identify as pure or impure, is just another merry-go-around in the hall of smoke & dirty mirrors.

Yet, the calling is there to make a decision, and to fight the good fight which means,

to Sing all ways.

In darkness, in light, because the consistent space is awareness itself;

Awareness of all of it!

That glow of awareness is the light that we bring to darkness,

and like when a match is lit,

ah there is light!


The comedy/tragedy that airs through time…

meanwhile, in essence we are timeless.

And that day is here, where

what matters is one’s own moment to moment volition.

That’s all you need, is YOU

& this moment.

In its purity, which means

cleansed with the perception of INFINITY…

because this moment brings you to the next,

where there is no next ~ only the new "now."

Remember that paradox thing?

Your world is made of what happened yesterday,

unless you come from beyond and realize, your world

is what you choose it to become plain & simple.

Unless you come from inner-neath & see that all your programs & conditioning, dropped,

Where else, but here & now???

Just like that, finito. Because you are just beginning, beloved little potential lotus seed of Infinite Possibility!

But if it was so simple, where would global peace come in?

Where would the revolution & emancipation for all humans & creatures on earth come in?

How can the global interest exist in harmonious equality for all when you and I are not in harmony

within ourself?

When you and I have not realized what we are?

How can the globe return to wholeness, when you and I are still battling,

divided against our self & with each other,

in conflict with what we say and what we mean…

Hi, nice to meet you, here the waves are not separate from the Ocean. See, what if it isn't about whether or not we realized what we are, but are embodying the process of "realizing" - the perfect Present.

What if we are fighting the wrong battle?

What if self-mastery really is infinite the strength it takes to master the world?

Ok, ok, well:

The good news is, life is Intelligent, and we have been shaken,

and filled with a new wave of grace,

and enslavement, and gifts,

and emancipation,

yet STILL nothing compares to the Miracle of

Being here, by the way. A sovereign entity in itself so.

So, while we continue on this pathless path,

that need only our committed Heart & beautiful mind,

we watch in “unbearable compassion”

energy fields, more and more of them, shattering as our

belief constructs are breaking loose.

Now, ahhh,

now there is space to re-shape & live a prayerful answer to

the most concealed, yet revolutionary, tool for Self-Mastery:

“Who am I declaring myself to be?”

“Life is but a dream, then who be the Dreamer?”

Beliefs about myself & about you like porcelain ceramics flung

straight onto brick floors,

because in the end, we know no-thing

(unclutch from the desire to know some-thing: l-i-m-i-t-a-t-i-o-n)

Be IT All The All that outlasts the 1, 2, and 3, a, b, & z.

& all that was once inside those cauldrons,

personas, masks, “I-Am-Identity Complexes”

comes bleeding out into the vastness of Existence,

like every other patch of blue sky, what will be then?

Wild, Effortless, Ecstasy. When we forget ourself, so we are fulfilled by Natural Law.

Because its happening that way, right now.

And that is why the spiritual path, the path of truth, got such a bad rap!

Oh my god, the polarization (obviously in these times of complete inversion)

the idle chatter, opinions, problems, fears, insights and integral axioms

that comes with plant intelligences & yoga & meditation

& witches & imagination, or the menses lunacy, or the false-light programming,

or the not-so-conspiracy- conspiracies & the not-so-secret of the ages…

or the new-age “love your enemies” now filmed as “trickery…” (The courage it takes to walk in a vision where darkness is shining, wow!) It's all over the place!

Do you realize, one must divide in order to equalize?

Do you realize, you can take any-thing and flip it in a certain way to mean something else..

this was the whole lesson learned from looking at a Rorschach Inkblot.

You see what you are.

Expand your awareness of what you are.


So, I come onto social media and whatta ya know,

everyone is "getting well" vomiting their ins & outs, so we all remember together.

It’s amazing that so much

is coming to light, when we’re in the crux of

the great division & greater

re-unification…again nothing new on this Earth-based reality

since as old as human consciousness itself;

again, timeless.

And after all of that, and after all of this,

I just keep coming back to this space,

the space of Self.

Self is All. All is One.

It’s like all the wisdom from ages and ages of

the Essential Wisdom are blasting us with these

incredible reminders all at once.

Everything is preparation for the next…Everything.

Remember that paradox, everything is everything, meanwhile

our reality is fundamentally, no-thing. It just is! Give thanks! Here is where you cheer up my Friend! It's fundamentally no-thing, so you can make of it what you want, be very clear you will experience the consequence of choosing it that way!

Where more of it will come to you! (My great empathy; what you think is true is true for you, and well, may not be all that True!)

Evolution moves slowly, yet you can intensify it, accelerate it,

and make it a fantastical reality!

If that’s the way your going to SEE It (Insert desired outcome here).

after you dissolved yourself in the fiery realms of

the undivided- I AM.

no identity, no trace, no motive, no cause. cause-less. 5.

Here it is, the grand finale realization:


across time & space we are already on the other side,

in that moment reflecting on who was I playing when I was “So & So.”

With all the racket going on in the outside world,

with all the racket going on in the inside world,

Who will I have been when I transcend this world?

Who am I now?

You ask, "what is all this jumbling for?"

because that’s what’s happening in Life,

nothing is new under this Sun, just a bunch of quanta charged photonic waves & pulses

re-arranging itself, looking into Itself.

So tell me how will,

we re-new ourselves into that version of us that

appears to be somewhere in the distant future?

So far from reality.

Because that version of us, we seek to be seen, is here & now.

Seeing through US.


And I’m just smiling, because

I’m with God, and all of this is God, and I would never give

up my inner smile,

or the Truth that I came here for…

just so hurt people can keep hurting people?

just so egos can be pacified by the soft of holy lies?

or that another excuse can be justified from feeling

the salvation of the Wholly Spirit along the

way of Great Mystery.

I had to break that chain in my lineage too!

Liberation, embodied, just like our Cosmic Mother.

She is my greatest Teacher.

Illusion, Reality, do something about it or walk without it.

Do your research about what is going on, or don’t do your research.

Because in the end, it’s how you choose to live your life.

that matters.

And that’s between you & The Ultimate You.


We can choose Liberation together,

which only starts within first…

Whatever the circumstance,

it’s about becoming undone.

and facing what needs to be faced (as our basic right to choose)

with the eyes of God,

because only what pours out

is that which we let in through our Heart,

either the Eternal light of the Wholly Way

or the billions of barricades

between it.


I welcome all experiences that humble me

because in all of this time,

I have never felt so close to the One True God’s Heart,

and I will sing always for Her Reality within us... within us, All.

9. Jai Guru Dev. All my love to you, all ways!

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