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In America alone, every 12 minutes someone takes their own life.

I came close many times. As early as 14yo. Watching thousands of white elephants fly across the sky.

Nobody told me I could create my own reality.

I was enslaved in the confusing delirium between the forces of good and evil, wondering why I felt like dying daily, and why there is so much suffering that exists amidst Nature expressing Paradise.

Nobody told me about the heavenly space WITHIN that knows no borders, no separation, no death, no limitation, no sides.

No, “we need to be saved, we are waiting to be saved, god please help us.”

None can save us but ourselves. (Who do you think you are?)

Nobody reminded me of the necessity to meditate, to move my body, to breathe, to take it easy, to eat prana, to yoke divine consciousness (not from this world- but to be brought out into this world), to serve purposefully, to love what I do.

No, “eat sugar, drink chemicals, eat poison, get a job.”

Though it is safe to say, memorizing Grammar won't save us at the time of death.

Nobody told me to adoringly fix my attention on the bliss of divinity, of god, knowing I Am That & we are all that.

No, "god is a controversy. god isn’t real. Who knows if there is a god, how can there be when evil pervades the planet?"

I tell you everything is an extension of God. Everything is Krishna- supra consciousness/Infinite possibility. You are That.

Evil is just a fractal split - an original sin of self-denial, self-hatred, self-doubt as Nithyananda Paramahamsa says again and again.

Nobody told me that I get to drink from a reservoir of miraculous love & share in its blessings within a world so bizarre...on command.

“No, feel this way because she did this or he did that – and that isn’t ‘right’.”

Nobody told me I have this choice. I have free will to do with my life as I intend, not how anyone else intends or expects me to be.

Or that I am the embodiment of the greatest wisdom that can ONLY come from walking through dark forests.

I was told I was forgotten & unloved. I wasn’t enough. I was a burden. I am broken. A lost soul. I was ‘unfixable.’

You know what? I couldn’t be more thankful.

I got to learn it from my self- for myself the truth of what IS, forever being revealed to me.

I get to learn who I am not & who I Am is who I create myself to be.

I learned compassion for the minds of humans healing, going through the intensity of becoming, while keeping faithful to the Essence of Being that connects us all.

I learned the truth of how my inner experience creates my outer experience.

I got to explore and listen to Grace show me what it takes to lift myself up from below rock bottom, to surrender, to live with integrity, to purify. To live happy in harmony.

This doesn’t mean that I do not feel the world suffering or universal happiness. I feel it all.

It doesn't mean that I am flawless. It just means, I am...

And something greater than the thoughts and emotions that come and go.

I learned my priority is to feel into my true nature, to anchor this light into my daily life, and to hold others up to their true nature ~ consciousness- truth- bliss.

I cried many nights praying for salvation, for freedom from all the bondage that keeps me feeling like I don’t want to live.

I cried many nights for the children between heaven and earth who forgot the victorious splendor they are born with.

Those consumed in frightening realities & nightmares.

For those who lost sight of their ability to overcome any challenge at face, to complete any incompletion!

Who lost sight of the Cosmic Life-Force that is Alive within.

When we take responsibility to be our own Avatar, our own Savior, only then (!) can we impress a closer truth of Reality then one we have learned, and share In this wisdom together.

The wisdom of Reality is what saves. The ignorance of illusion is what destroys. (another reason to honor it all). For out of destruction can we create anew.

My prayer weaves for the closing of the gap that keeps us separate, in war with ourself and one another; that keeps us from breaking the pattern of the illusion of death;

Or mistaking a rope to be a snake.

Or holding grudges - cosigning with the enemy of forgiveness.

Prayers for the closing of all that which keeps us from accepting us just as we are, that keeps us from opening our heart - overflowing with the only remedy worthwhile:

Self-love, respect for others & divine union with all of life. Our World.

If you are someone or know of someone who is going through challenging times, my prayers are with you.

You are powerful beyond measure.

All are fortunate if they so choose. There is an opportunity to end the war within so that we can be more available to help others end the war within, and thus unite together to change our Universe in liberty & blest manifestation.

WE MUST SEiZE THIS OPPORTUNITY WHILE IT's STILL HERE. before it really is too late.

Give thanks for all experiences, for they are the alarms that seek you to remember:

You Are who you are looking for.

If I can do it, so can you.

For the freedom of all sentient beings of consciousness. Please, listen.

As the world is turning, you are needed, the Expanded you, centered in the polestar of your most BE-LOVED expression.

PRAISES to the New World of Sovereignty – we are co-creating together.

Restoring the Kingdom of Heaven within.

Because it all starts within, and so without.


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