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Dare to Dream…Awake?

PT. 1 Welcome to the second half of 2020. If we’re going to embody Sovereignty… well, let’s just say, we’re in that now or never vibe.

Because it’s always “now or never.” The past is never-ending with regret, shame, guilt, and sorrow, with a few threads of joy, while the future is never because it doesn’t exist. Maybe in some form of imaginary castles stacked with bricks of anticipation & anxiety, at best. Been there, done that, and I’m good. I know you are too, if you’re reading this. Of course, we all have dreams that we “think” exist in the future, but what exists, is right now. Hence our dreams are merely a compass for how we see ourselves in the most upgraded version of our self. Which is “awakened” into reality when? As epi-genetics remind us: All ways, here & now. ~

You see, the emotional roller coaster doesn’t need to bang your head around while your zooming miles and miles per hour. If you just realized who you truly are, you would see you’re designing the roller coaster in NOW TIME, like some sort of sims game. If you pay attention to the way the Universe works- in law and in love- then you will see your amazing reality as a vehicle for Spirit’s Infinite Power & potential, overflowing! To you! Through you! For you! For all!

This means turning on the genes that give you a sustaining sense of elation, joy, gratitude, happiness, and co-creation. Even when the adversity comes you slice through it like the spiritual bad-a$s samurai. Cause chil’ we coming into the last stretch of the marathon of “what in the world” craze, and here we are syncing in, syncing in. Enrolling ourselves in a type of magical genesis for a better world.

Remember, NEVER GIVE UP. Hence, “Dare to Dream…awake?” Because we are all dreaming one way or another. Either unifying our awareness to more and more of who we truly are OR further and further away which makes dreams just a fleeting fantasy.

Aye-chihuahua We are crystal receivers and transmitters that can tune into certain frequencies through choice, conscious connection. Through increasing our self-awareness. Cause’ we in the game of Life boo! And we NEED YOU, not all that holds you back, we need YOU. YOUR INTENTION that is DRIVING you FORWARD. Cut the chains. Take off the masks. Drop the fear. Enjoy. It’s getting pretty Sirius playing here. “But Trace, all this stuff is going on, how can I enjoy when there are children being trafficked, kidnapped, and starving?”

As an extremely sensitive person, I’ve had my battles with this as well. Yet, when I focus on the suffering, all I get is more suffering.

How would I be able to get these words out, if I’m crying? I wouldn’t be able to. So I channel it, and that’s where it’s at with all these harsh energies my dear. You got to channel it into your passion that helps wake us up too. It’s how we best manage the law of duality, the polarization between light & dark. We ourselves are the light. So it’s about being. Just Be. ~ You see no matter what the world is telling you “what you are” or “what is” you are the only one that has the power to consent to it, to believe it, or not. Will you hold a vibration of coherency or frantic energy? Frantic-ness never solves anything it just gives more reason to be frantic. For example, if you got robbed, someone could obviously say, “Poor thing, you are a victim,” While you could be saying “I am liberated. I am grateful. I am alive.” You are the only one that can feel that emancipation and nobody else can tell you “yes or no.” That is how powerful the mind is! The mind alters our physiology, our thoughts, actions, words, and thus alters the way we experience life!

Which alters what we are then able to receive in our experience! Rather than being an “enslaved human” or whatever outdated program your running (unloved, not enough, unworthy, etc.) and continuing that perpetual loop of energy, we get to make of it a meditative stone- a step into our Sovereignty. A version of self we have been yearning for!

You see the warrior goes in to battle knowing that she has died already, and thus contends with fearlessness. Thus, she is more likely to achieve the impossible then if blinded by the thought that she could die. Again, our mind is SO POWERFUL.

Astrologically, we ALL are clearly moving through some tough stuff right now, generational stuff that is asking us to get real and get clear.

Still, it is our Sovereignty that will make us super human, and it is balancing the poles of consciousness (masc/fem; light/dark; awareness/energy; acid/alkaline) that will blare the golden trumpet of our love-based reality.

~ Is it any coincidence we have the last of 3 (back to back) eclipses; lunar eclipse in Capricorn (hello, responsibility) on Independence Day, in 2020? With 5 planets retrograde: Venus though direct (relationships, finance, values) is still in shadow, Saturn (ruler of karma), Pluto (death, transformation, the weirdness- behind the scenes), Jupiter (expansion), Mercury (communication), and Neptune (unveiling truth)… It this a circus? Cause I think it’s in-tents (ha. Intense). Not to mention all of the other planetary movements in conjunction and relation with one another that is causing us individually and as a collective to get really-real with ourselves; our home life, our relationships, our financial house, our purpose, our trauma; our actions. To clear it, and set it free. Basically, every trigger/catalyst is being activated for us to gain 2020 clarity. Especially the truth of what’s really happening “behind the scenes.” It’s all coming out like Indian street food on American tummies.

If we are not in our sovereignty, if we do not have strong foundations, if we have not been doing the work, then we’ve been getting rocked. It’s going to get more intense before it transmutes itself.

Meaning, if we have flung ourselves so far from our center, from our authentic power, rather than self-sustaining our own cosmic consciousness, we’ll be grasping for some kind of stability ‘out there’ that doesn’t exist. Well, as we’re learning very quickly here, we’re on an inner journey. Together. Right in the eye of the storm (according to many prophecies and cosmological cycles).

Hence, en-train yourself in GODMIND, because we’re going headstrong into high-definition of who we are & where our world is at. The good news is we’re evolving. ~

This can be really terrifying to realize just how powerful we are when we choose to receive ourselves.

Imagine god speaking to you, of course you may be jumpy at first, such is why we must not “release” fear, cause we just get it back again, but dissolve it, collapse it, take it’s hand and give it over to the charm of faith.


Re-united with the galactic ZING that born us here on Earth. A magical journey it is, with all of its booby traps, detours, distractions. When you get to the peak you realize, it was all worth it. So here’s to consenting Not to our stories, rather, our SELF. Not our limited power, our UNION WITH SOURCE PRIME CREATOR, and the INFINITE power (S)HE/IT blessed us with. The point is this. See it. See yourself and Life for what IT IS. All the self-judgement, self-doubt, self-denial, self-loathing, self-worth stuff, co-dependency, confusion, basically all the Maya (or illusion)…see it for what it is; a vehicle to embody the Wholly Spirit and FEEL our fullest self-expression and experience. So whatever we’re going through I promise you, it is for our ultimate good in the end.

The above statement isn’t a new-age false light facade either. It’s a real testimony to the Truth of God in everything.

And to the real deal, shebang, that you ain’t separate from it.

So what I mean by dare to dream awake? Right now, I dare you to bring your greatest dream into actuality. Now or never. To be continued on the "How...."

Dare to Dream...awake? Pt. 1

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