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Current Reflections

I've been exhausting myself on research about all that is coming up and out,

Because I want to know what is true.

There's just too much detailed, precise, coincidences in plain sight to not,

At least! take a step back and question, question everything.

It's not an easy thing to digest

The deep deception, mass enslavement, the not so conspiracy, and the thousands of other co-incidences occuring at this time.

Please do your own research.

I do not advocate for the blind leading the blind.

I advocate for the well-beingness of every sentient iota of consciousness!

We must research until we exhaust ourselves one way or another,

We need awareness now more than ever, inside and out.

More than sexy selfies, and look at how bendy I am (that's cool too)

We need knowledge. We need wisdom.

We need the fierce currency that is here to restore all that is good and true.

To unite us, as the inherent free people we are.

We need witnesses (more so we need connection to our Inner Witness through all of this)

we need to transcend fearlessness,

We need to use our Voice,

We need

You to think for yourself and question what is being fed to us by the

Spoons of those who have sold themselves

to a larger agenda

Not in pursuit of our common interest!

Their acts go against Natural Law, against Equality, Consciousness

And against the love, law, and liberty

Rightfully dued to the Innocence of

Humanity as One Sovereign People.

To the children.

To the animals.

To the planet.

It isn't the easiest thing to swallow, but the Truth will set us free.

And we are stronger together.

Even if none of it means anything to you, the way its all set up?

Consciousness, meditation, self care is the first thing they should teach us in schools.

And eating foods that have life energy in them, not chemicals.

And sustainable living through conscious creativity, and natural immunity processes like sunlight and breathing, and inversions to get fresh blood to the brain.

Through all of this, give thanks...

Because this is the shift we need to make the world a better place for all.

Less pollution, less toxicity, more food for every human being, more protection, shelter.

And the massive wake up call to treat ourselves more honestly, eachother more compassionately, the world more consciously + our Spirit, with utmost sincerity.

We are blessed to stand with the One True God.

(In truth, everything is apart of the One Infinite Being, everything is Consciousness.)

We are blessed for the true heroes

Of our time.

We are blessed that Truth cannot be long hidden.

We all know something hasn't felt right,

The time is now, to say

"enough is enough, I do not consent."

I do not consent to any crime against humanity.

I choose a different dream.

I choose to know myself as the Dreamer.

So in essence,

All I am saying is you are loved, And you are empowered. You have the capacity to seek the Truth, you are the Universe embodied.

I'm excited for our society to expand our ideas on health, love, world and Unity. And most about being Integral with ourself. I love you all. God bless everyone and everything. I love you all. God bless everyone and everything.

I love you all. God bless everyone and everything. 🗝 The key is in our Consciousness.

"While you sleep, we will fight for you" - Q

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