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Celestial Portals 

Pt. Uno.


In the living room with sacred love & cacao, communing with gemini moon miracles, and flowing red magic.

It is written...

Blessings & love on this last full moon portal of 2019 in Gemini with the 12 : 12 code, no coincidence its occurrence is @ 12:12:12 = 9. Completion.

There is so much illuminating here!

Really all that is coming to mind is this giant merkaba, enlightening, surrounding the whole Cosmos with all sorts of spiraling sacred geometries buzzing in light.

Pulling up up up... drawing in in in... Shining out out out...

Letting go.

Giggling. Tears flowing. Layering myself in my own kisses.

Enrapturing feels anyone?

+ / + \ +

Well, well if this world isn't so "freqing" bizarre? You can’t hear me right now & I am cracking up! I can’t stop laughing.

It's bizarre.





I keep returning to this vision that is located nowhere, actually it comes from a really amazing & powerful meditation practice, I will share the details on later.

Anyway, picture this. So there is you, deeper within You (what you consider That to Be if anything or not, whatever), and then everyone else in relationship with YOU. Your partner, family, teachers, tribe, friends, neighbors, clients, audiences, etc. everyone! Who do you think that really is though?

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and have just been like what is this?????

Just who is inside that fleshy, elemental star-suit?

Sometimes I just want to grab the magnifying glass from thin air, curl my non-existent moustache and start examining this BEING in front of me?

That’s why I love yoga so much because I am doing that…or rather doing nothing…rather being undone....WITHIN MYSELF.

Witnessing how very much so yoga is life. The Integrative way of being & living (oneness with true Nature).

Humbling, in Devotional service unto our Creator. Because Goddess is All. All is Self. Self is One. And One goes by All Infinite Names including the Unnamable One. (more on this reality check, despues.)

Let’s get back to business (more fun please!). It’s bizarreness tickles me so hard inside. This Being & becoming. It’s as if someone threw me in a cosmic blender and said, "play" while being whirled around in a rollercoaster of divine sublimation, being spun quite literally, in the spiraling arms of the milky (say no to animal slaughter agriculture) way galaxy all the way to the inner vortices of my own chakras.

All the unmanifest is spinning itself into manifest before us, on the way back to the unmanifest.

Spiderwebs, nautical shells, leaves falling, children borning, people dying, life resolving into what the OG intends, which is no-thing short of Divine.


All of us experiencing this self-organizing celestial chaos, moving through us SO deeply; urging us to evolve, transcend, empower, be, execute, resolve, heal, activate, Go, be Still, & so on & on & on…..

NAMO to divine surrender! Namo to your most raw, authentically, empowering self!

Whatever is charming your heart + mind together, move in that way!

This is why meditation isn’t everything. Everything is everything.

Meditation is the vechicle towards the Source of Everything. You, your causal nature. Welcome!

Infinite possibility. Revealing itself. To the One you see, Let it be clear In Thee.


Increasing self-awareness & the capacity to Love & be loved, renders itself inevitable.

As icicles drip in the brilliance of sunshine.

Cows, undisturbed, meditating, in the most center of center, in the bustling & blaring sounds of northern INDIA, there they pop a squat. They are my Muse.

And none of what I am saying even matters, unless we’re talking about the less than 1% that makes it so you are reading these words & the 99% of Intelligence it took across the Universe to co-create this experience between us, right now, in this moment.

What matters is, you got to do you, sweet heart. You got to get out of your own way, so that YOU can move through you, live & shine out!

It’s hilarious really.

I can’t get seem to wrap around what I am, and that is why I am here, writing this, laughing…

I assure you, whatever darkness exists, is no match for the Powers of Love turning on, like a matchstrike where? in the dark....

Glory Glory, praise our Lord. And everything in it.

... the ocean of Divinity has flew me, & there is nothing I can do now without it.

With immense amounts of gratitude, love & reverence to the Supreme One. For the opportunity of these epic times we are witnessing: the great metamorphose of our timeless, unique + universal nature…in ourselves & together...

To be continued...

For the benefit of all sentient beings of consicousness until I reach enlightenment.

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