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Blissful Yogini

Blissful Yogini ~ Unfolding Divinity Within!

~ 1 : 1 Deep Dive Immersions utilizing the art & science of self-realization, for epic, goddess level manifestation in 2020!

Get 20% off your first epic session, just in time for Clarity & Certainty in 2020 Vision!

Welcome to the Blissful Yogini, where we share & implement ancient & cutting-edge, divine technology for living a deeply fulfilling, creative & enriching life in present times!

YOU, beloved, are the most essential power you have to totally transform your life. Why keep daydreaming about your dream life, when you can embody it and fully cause your dreams into reality? You think "BE-CAUSE" is on coincidence? ;) I don't think so.

Each morning, I wake up to a strong sense of awe & amazement. I can't wait to dance inside of "today." It is filled with mystical synchronicity, and causal manifestations. We live in a fantastical reality.

2 months ago, I manifested a dream I had since I was 8; to step foot into the Himalayas. I was flown there by complete surprise until the flight to our layover in NJ before New Delhi, my husband told me we were going to the birthplace of Yoga (Rishikesh) and Krsna (Vrindavan). We were going to receive Himalayan Yog training in the foothills of the Himalayas by a world class yoga academy - Sattva Yoga Academy - & self-realized,"-ing", Master Anand Mehotra.

This is how my life has been, flowing in continuous miracles, one after another. When I touched down to my residency in sunny Florida, We knew we had to share this so people can really BE present, & live a life of joy & divine purpose.

I took charge of my inner currency, and ignited my ferocious desire to end my spiritual poverty, my mental-emotional poverty, financial poverty, social poverty, all of that I decided to restore my wealth.

I INVESTED ENTIRELY INTO my transpersonal consciousness and POWER. A master key, less than 90% of people in the world use! I made it happen. Now, we travel the world, channeling epic content and courses with my husband, working closely with clients & students internationally & kicking it with an amazing soul tribe. In our free time we connect to Nature, self-study & satiate our affinity for music with harp, guitar, sound healings, medicine songs, mantra, etc.

With my B.A. in Sociology with a practically Philosophy major, 8 yogic initiations, Masters Degree in Divinity, tantra & zazen buddhism entrainments, personal development training, shamanic studies, vedic counseling, success in mind sciences & so, so, much more...(truth digger) I made sure to integrate it together guiding me to achieve my mission: becoming my own healer & destiny designer, efficiently & effortlessly, & sharing this process with others.

Since, we have been guiding thousands and counting to live in bounty, beauty and cosmic embodiment through the Wholly Yogini approach for EPIC MANIFESTATION.

All sessions are designed for total body-mind-energy transformation through simple, systematic & effortless technique bold enough for long lasting results.

We believe transformation begins within, and is THE GOLDEN TICKET, AN ABSOLUTE preliminary step for success in all areas of your life.

Through our transcendental & Integrative approach, we accelerate your transformation journey, creating a sense of ease and uninterrupted flow (momentum) for massive creativity.

When we become established in our inner divine estate, that inner success is what draws your life you wish you had, into a life you are already living!

The creative unfolding process of life and dream manifestation- whether in business, healing, loving relationships, finances, career, spirituality - is no longer a "something" outside of yourself, a future maybe possibility....Nor is it a chore, a scary blood-thirsty monster or a one time fling (oh those days were so lonely & dissatisfying). There are no months later & your back to square one. Rather you are entirely transformed! Like most people when it comes to dieting.

They end up in front of the open fridge at 2 am. Comfortable, watching Netflix.

Nothing wrong with that, if you want a slow suicide, but let us remind you, you are "freqing" epic and you came here with a lot more than ust eating ice-cream on your couch....hiding, feelin' sorry.

"Actualizing your purpose, goals and dreams is not an easy thing or else everyone would have it. It's not a hard thing either or else success stories would remain invisible." - Trace Gleen

Decide to change your destiny, no matter where you think you are, there is always the next level. Your time is now, breakthrough all the fears & self-limiting programs. Transform & transcend!!!

RE- DISCOVER cutting edge (known by few) technology for immediate shifts and divine results that are dependable, repeatable, exponential! Here & Now!

Receive 20% off your first session and give yourself the gifting power to change your life now! Contact @

for 15 minute free consultation & Intuitive reading!


*Experience divine states of consciousness through ancient Himalayan Yog-Tantra meditations, practices, transcendental & ancestral wisdom, Vedic counseling, mantra, elemental healing, mind-sciences & more all designed for embodying (god)dess consciousness in present times!

*Overcome creative blocks & experience the flow state as your new way of being!

*Clear blockages, ancestral trauma & dis-ease while ‘undoing’ shadow entanglements via subconscious reprogramming!

*Establish your daily yoga practice (sadhana) & learn how the path of the "yogini" makes for epic & long-lasting transformation, liberation & manifestation!

*Unlock your limitless potential, uncovering deeper aspects of yourself you’ve been looking for!

*Move from a space of organic & impressive clarity, coherency, & blissful genius!

*Enhance your mind-body connection & access your Wisdom, Inner Voice, dharma (your cosmic purpose) & your true Hearts Desire!

*Strengthen your intuitive & clairvoyant capabilities, naturally!

*Integrate & harmonize your masculine & feminine energies!

*Navigate the realm of polarity, leveraging challenge into solution!

*Optimize your life-force energy for maximum accomplishment with minimal effort!

*Master goddess level confidence, trust, action, connection & authenticity so you can thrive doing what you love to do!

*Actualize your goals & desires, effortlessly!

*Access wealth consciousness & ecstatic abundance for divine manifestation!

*Learn the art of Yogic Dreaming or Lucid Dreaming for overall life-enhancement!

*Learn the art & science of sacred ritual!

*Manifest your dream life-partner & learn how to upgrade your relationship to the next level of orgasmic interaction!

*Integrate cosmic consciousness encoding via plant wisdom Integrations!

*Harness your divine Feminine power for a totally tuned in & turned on life of love, intimacy, connection, & empowering enrichment!

*Experience powerful & potent meditative experiences & cosmic uploads with the transformation powers of Yoga Goddesses!

*Access the 4th state of consciousness known as Turiya, “Transcendental” Consciousness. The liberating state of awareness that is the state that dissolves, deeply-lodged accumulated stress in the NS & subconscious psyche!

*Receive next-level supportive counseling getting to the root & connection with your causal nature. & SO MUCH MORE!

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Don't wait another minute hiding behind the covers, resistance, or ghouls of the past. You are a miracle beyond your imagination, and it is time to feel it, embody it, live it, & BE IT!

* ~ *~ * ~ * ~ *

May All Sentient Beings of Consciousness Be Happy & Free

With great respects to the Divine Cosmic Mother & May Her Will Be Done.

With all our love & Respects, Taravali Ma (Trace Gleen, M.A) | WHOLLY YOGINI © 2018 |

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