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As I remind myself...

Well aren’t we on a bit of a cosmic adventure here?

It reminds me of the legend of Quan Yin (One of the many faces of the One Cosmic Mother). She is the goddess who upon entering the gateway to Heaven heard the cries of the humans suffering on Earth, so vowed to return and help hue-manity find the right path.

Where else is Quan Yin, and all those Ascended Masters, but inside of us? Continuously we keep learning…

"Go within. Seek the change by changing yourself. Bring forth what is within you & it will save you. Do not bring it forth and it will destroy you.” The second Christ coming, the Golden Age, the Great Divide, is coming out through us, individually & as a collective. The sacred crossing is here. It has always been here & now. The ( + ) is the individual & the Undivided Divine. The horizontal axis (global) with the vertical axis (Unified Intelligence).

You see, it’s important to keep grounded, and our heart open. Our crown connected to Cosmic Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Natural Law Pure Love whatever you want to call it. This is where the SINGLE EYE comes in, establishing ourselves in the space of the silent Witness, the observer to all of this.

And from there, using sacred technology to keep elevating ourselves & our energy towards Truth over fear, like the wings of a condor flying over peaks & valleys. To be ever-clear and strong for ourselves.

For our Tribe. Using the technology of our Hue-man Spirit to rightfully perceive how we, personally, are going to face this challenge and overcome it. Inside of ourselves first. Meaning, if we see the problem of suffering, how will we contribute the alleviate of suffering? See the solution, and make it so. If we see scarcity, we get to fill it with abundance. When we see fear, we fill it with the living prayer of Love unconditional. That’s maximizing our creative capacity is it not? Natural Law is natural law. Abundance is still a-bun-dance & gratitude and forgiveness are two of the highest teachings this earth-based curriculum can offer. Establish yourself in the solution of Resurrection, & keep in harmony between your mind (doomsday) & Nature (boomsday).

Or else, the doomsday densities hit hard, and we can spiral ourselves into a never-ending negative state of fear, anxiety, depression, separation, and even suicidal ideation. It doesn’t mean to stick your head in the sand and spiritually bypass what we are witnessing or your personal experiences ( for growing purposes & for the Ultimate Good.) Is sh*t not the best fertilizer?

It means to face it. Breathe through it. Cry. Laugh. Let it go. Elevate. Expand your consciousness. And use your time + energy WISELY. It means remember you are a causal factor! You are co-creating your reality with all of us! We are much more inner-connected than our mind can comprehend. Realize how deep Creators Love is for us, that She would entertain any drama just so we can fall to our knees And return to Her. Or Him. Or It. Into our own resourcefulness, personally & As a collective. Let me ask you this? Look at how Nature is flourishing right now… Did you forget that YOU are Nature? Would it not be justifiable to harmonize with Her Life-force & His Awareness then? Or will we keep being a slave to an effect? Negating our own causal nature, and hiding behind our Voice that is needed more than ever. “Love communicates.”

While there are so many theories about what is really happening, it has many layers like an onion. Some real, some unreal…Hence, the great divide…

The great divide is to remember we are not divided from our immeasurable power nor our

boundless state of that “peace that passeth all understanding.” We are biological radio transmitters, constantly emitting out & receiving frequencies that are pulsing out an Intention while the Universe responds to it. We must each make a choice of where we stand & what is it that we are standing for. Will we bless up ourselves & the world, or will we submit to the false profit? Remember, we are powerful beyond measure. Reclaim your power! All my love to you, X-AUM Tracing the Law that I Glean @WhollyYogini

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