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Are you happy, sad, or whole?

You know this concept of "lasting happiness" is interesting. Happiness has become such an attachment, so that when we don’t feel happy, well we feel sad. The storms of the mind have turned happiness into such an addiction, a craving, a deep desire that keeps one desiring it.

It’s interesting because it’s actually our most natural state. To desire happiness then, is like fire trying to light itself on fire. It’s a strange paradox. There is a zen buddhist expression that says, “if you want happiness, drop the “I” and the “want” and there you have, happiness.

When we depend on anything outside of us for happiness, we give our power away to what yogis call maya, or “illusion.” Illusion is that which is always changing, while Truth is that which is steadfast, changeless. How can happiness depend on that which comes and goes? When it comes, we are happy, when it goes we are sad? Is that real happiness then? Or a faulty dynamic between attachment and aversion? You see, we were born whole and complete. Perhaps, we should ask ourselves “How may we return to wholeness?” Happiness, is just an aspect of the whole YOU. Meaning, it’s like a branch on the tree of life. But you cannot water the branch and expect it to grow, you must water the root so that all the fruit can be enjoyed, in plenty and bounty.

We also were born alone and die alone. Thus, ultimate love is self-love. By generating and resourcing our own happiness through doing things that make us happy ( connecting to our purpose & mission in life) we reclaim our sovereignty. We proclaim our power. We proclaim our free-will to connect to these states of elevated moods on command. When we resource our own happiness by connecting to the frequency and vibration signature of happiness, like a radio dial, we can tune into it and receive the music it’s playing.

It's really rather simple, but because we’ve been so conditioned to believe happiness is a struggle, well, it will keep being a struggle. That is how powerful our mind is.

Yet if everyone knew this, I bet many western psychologists will lose a lot of clients. The only reason why psychology exists is because people don't know themselves. If they knew themselves they would be able to inner-stand how to tap back into their power and transmute the densities that are blocking one from their happiness. Again, it is most natural. It is our birthright. Of course there are cases where clinical psychiatry is helpful. What I am pointing to is an integrative approach where all methodologies are adderssed, not just one that depends on a pill outside of them. Happiness cannot be achieved, it's only the outdated programs that keep one from realizing it is their actual, true state.

Personally, rather than using the word happy, I look at fulfillment, contentment. It's not that we need to be happy 24/7, rather we must know how to honor all emotions, experiences, and use them as fuel for moving forward. ~~~

It’s a shame that being unhappy has become normalized. Societal conditioning demonstrates this all the time with violent media, violent music, advertising clothes on people without smiling as if it's sexy to be “serious.” Flaunting their riches and wealth and fame so that people can feel terrible about not being the idols that are “celebrated” (celebrity) as “stars.” Actually, society has conditioned us to need things to make us happy. If we have the car, the girl, the status, the job, the house, then we will be happy. Then, then, then. Yet you find you never are. Because there are deep roots that need to be addressed that nobody is talking about. Nothing in the relative world can bring you happiness. As soon as you achieve one desire, another one comes.

How can you depend your happiness on something that is continuously changing? How stable is that? What you are truly seeking can only be found within. It’s beyond thought, it’s beyond emotion, it’s taking a look at consciousness itself. At the inner-engineering of Self. Nobody taught us to master our self. Nobody taught us how to unite with our Universal aspect of our Being. Rather remain small, insignificant, powerless, etc. This is why yoga is an ultimate therapy. It integrates breath, body, and mind. When these 3 aspects of self feel separate from each other, as it is for most people, of course we’re going to feel miserable. We feel split, when our nature is Wholeness.

One powerful way is meditation. Meditation naturally induces & increases serotonin (the happiness neurotransmitter), endorphins and dopamine levels. It reduces stress. Working out, also releases powerful endorphins.

Ultimately, it is the mind that creates separation. Whenever we feel separate we naturally feel fear. In the mind we make judgments, assumptions, expectations and preferences. This is what is known as our ego. If we get this, we’re happy, if we don’t get this, we’re sad. When we can unclutch from the thought forms that identify us as “I am happy or I am sad” we come into a state of being that is far beyond both of those temporary emotional states. We come into an emancipation of “THAT I AM.” This is why the clinical psychology is limited. It deals with the conscious and subconscious mind alone, yet it misses the most basic and fundamental energetic principle, called Energy/Consciousness. The energy behind the action, the consciousness behind the thought. The integration of our human persona and our Infinite potential.

We are moving into the era of vibration integration. Meaning that we must look at the human organism as a whole in itself. It Is made of a divine intelligence that the  more we deny the more we suffer. Why is it that all these masters are depicted with a slight smile? As buddha said, “There is an end to suffering, and we must find it.” He didn’t say, you may not be able to find it, he said, “you must find it.” Meaning, obviously, it is here to be found.

You see everything you can ever desire exists in the Unified field of quantum possibility that science has proven over and over again. Yet the mind must transcend itself to go beyond into this fourth state of consciousness; beyond waking, dreaming, sleeping states. Beyond outdated program software that keeps impressing the habituated misery from unresolved trauma and suppressed, emotional devastation. People suffer because they forget who they are and their relationship with Prime Source Creator, Infinite Possibility and Potential is veiled. Of course, when you do not now who you are, naturally you will need to keep attaching to what is familiar on the outside, rather than going within and realizing, it’s your free-will choice to be happy. Choose, wisely.

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