Welcome to
~ the Goldish Garden ~

Your 2020 Spiritual Alchemy Mastermind for the "13th hour"
8 Modules - 8 weeks - 8 Revolutions
"enlightening-ment is now"

lalala 2
Natural Law
Roots go Deep
The Law of Flow
Flower Power Activate
Love Invocation
The Naked Queen
Dream IntuiIt
Noble Crownings

Maestra, Conscious Leader of our New Era,

It's not every day a creative Mastermind series like this comes knocking at yo-ur door, ready to take your hand & walk through it.
Is it upon coincidence? The time is now to look within &
surrender to the 
Nature of your Self;

cleaning the mirror of your inner world,
where all your infinite potential  exists,
your bliss is,
your extra-ordinary capacity to totally thrive!

You are Universal & unique, and these aspects of YOU are

yearning to merge & shine through your body-mind.
Shine through for maximum experience & expression!

Realize your causal nature- proclaim your life-path!

No more stress, anxiety, depression, scarcity, dis-ease, unhappiness, loneliness, fear & alike.

Take flight in a priceless powerhouse of empresses ready to walk the journey towards the deep & Beautiful with you.

You've been calling for this because It is calling for You!

So now you have a choice:

You can exit this page and pretend it never happened & go back to living a life of limitation, outdated programming; back into the shell of smallness (and there is always room for expansion)

only if it is ABSOLUTELY what you are calling in...

you can master your fate, channel your most fulfilling expression & exchange separation for Unity, fear for Faith, sorrow for Joy +  limitation for Legacy.

The choice is yours, it always has been and always will be.

This is the path of living, Yoga, Self-Mastery, and Spiritual Alchemy for the Daughters of Unified Creation. 


©2018 Wholly Yogini