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The Most Authentic Form of Automatic Self -Transcending Meditation - Extracted Directly From The Vedas! 

4 Day - Meditation Initiation Course (1 Hour Each Day)

Receive your AtmaVedi Initiation and mantra: A 10,000 year - old Ancient Yoga technique - practiced sitting comfortably with eyes closed for 20-minutes, twice a day!


Initiation process occurs over 4-consecutive days, an hour each day, where you will receive your unique, personal mantra!

  1. Personal instruction of the AtmaVedi Technique

  2. Making sure you practice the technique, correctly and efficiently.

  3. Innerstanding the mechanics of the AtmaVedi Technique

  4. Innerstanding higher-stages of Human Evolution

Learn the effects of the AtmaVedi Meditation; on the mind and body, and discover higher states of human development. Includes free check-in and guidance, for life!

Course Guides: Taravali Devi (Trace Gleen)


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