Jagua Trace. (Taravali Ma) is an International E-RYT500 &

Transcendental Yoga Guide, Goddess Consciousness Empower-Mentor, Writer & Friend.

Founder of Wholly Yogini; a cosmic consciousness channel for the divine self-realizing being in present times.


At the young age of 11, 

Trace experienced a spontaneous onset of depression, and for near a decade battled a gruelingly toxic life filled with trauma, psychiatric misdiagnoses & mistreatment, sexual misconduct, suicidal ideation and alike.

By the Grace of the Universe, at the age of 16 she began training in Zazen Meditation and Mindfulness. Along with other cognitive therapies & energetic disciplines. Trace received the awakening, healing, transformation & spiritual restoration her mind-body-energy was calling for.

Two years later, she happily terminated all therapists and psychiatric drug treatments, achieving health & harmony solely using the intuitive power of divine, self-reliance, conscious self-love, yoga-meditation, & causal manifestation.

At 18, She immersed herself for the next 10 years in various yogic lineages (Kripalu, Vinyasa-Krama, Hatha, Yin, Raja, Bhakti, Vedic Master Training, Vedic Mantra Meditation, Sattva Yoga, Tantra) & mind-sciences (High-Conscious Thinking, A Course in Miracles, Zen Meditation & Mindfulness, Gyan Yoga, Spiritual Mind Treatment), alternative therapies (Medical Qi Gong, Quanta Healing, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Ancestral Wisdom, Vedic  Knowledge), Shamanic studies + Plant Wisdom, Angelic Sciences, sound healing & more. 

Trace shares her passion for the profound value that yogic practice & transcendental wisdom offers as a foundation for awakening our most supra-natural self in body-mind-energy; bridging liberation, bliss, harmony, expansion, wealth, health, joy & empowerment across our inner and outer worlds.

Through her unique life experience, training & study, students & clientele all around the world are remembering their true nature via Trace's transformational tools & unique perspectives. Naturally, their capacity to maximize potential increases accomplishing maximum with minimum effort!

Her 1:1 Blissful Yogini Sessions emphasize these transcendental states of consciousness for re-establishing a pure connection with one's Creative Intelligence; their own Creative Source.

Through personalized sessions, her clientele are shown simple & direct methods for discharging energetic blocks, stresses & tensions within the mind + body connection & replacing them with integral frameworks that are life-supporting! 

Clients walk away with a "breath of fresh air" & feeling better in their skin. Here, the mind-body-energy alliance is strengthened for overall life enrichment & manifestation.

Trace continues to hold ceremonial & transformational space, facilitating international retreats with her team of leading-edge expertise in their field. She especially loves collaborating with the art of living Goddess
for a life of absolute love & miracle-based thriving.

Clients & Students have expressed greater clarity, lightness in body & mind, reduced stress & anxiety, increased happiness, increased sense of self-love & worth, confidence, material achievement, increased finances, creativity, tranquility, spiritual connection, harmonious relationships, & overall enhancement in their mind & body, personality, behavior & environment.


Trace is currently earning her Doctorate of Divinity Degree with her teacher, Master Yogi Sri Visvamitra, a direct disciple of Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi & founder of Mahavideha University. After her most recent endeavor to Rishikesh India in the 200hr training in Himalayan Yog with Master Sri Anandji, she is inspired to continue sharing these integrative yogic teachings, Transcendental wisdom for self-mastery & conscious expansion in modern times. 

Trace & Her council of Celestial Arkanas, are here to help all humans remember their most natural form, and achieve a life of freedom & Joy.

With love and respects, in humbleness to the tradition of Truth across the ages,
WE welcome you with open arms, honored to share with you beautiful moments along this auspicious miracle called Life.

Jai Guru Deva.

©2018 Wholly Yogini