"The philosophy of life is this: Life is not a struggle, not a tension… Life is bliss.
It is eternal wisdom, eternal Existence."

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi



Hallelujah Si-stars, thank you for your resonance to gather in this High-Divining Sacred Sistarhood Council/Virtual Experience beginning:
July 28, 2019- Sept 29, 2019


Welcome to your new life, to the new you! Every moment we have the opportunity to re-create ourselves. And with great power, comes great responsibility! And with great responsibility...celebration!
Celebration for returning to Love, Vitality,  Sovereignty, Balance, Harmony, Hope, Blessings, Miracles, Creativity, Dreams-awaken-Reality, Divinity...our original form!

Believe it or not, we don't change as much as we would like to think AND
only with strong transformation, can we shape-shift our realities to match our highest aspirations. 

Rather than remaining in the same cyclical patterns that keep us feeling small, insignificant, limited, fearful, stressed, worried, unworthy, depressed, hopeless, we have a choice to free ourselves from the bounds of what is no longer serving us!

Remember your union with your True Nature for transpersonal liberation & miraculous manifestation!


Are you ready to transcend who you think you are, so you can transform into who you truly are?!

Explore yogic wisdom, practices, techniques and deeply satisfying experiences designed for unfolding Divinity from within. Connect to and learn how to Maximize your Pure Creative Potential, with all of your unique + universal Glory.

Open your heart & mind. Re-discover the no-longer-Secrets of the Ages from a yogic lens and journey into the art of divine self-mastery. Remember the wisdom of your Supreme Soul, and Radiate your Magic all across the Universe!


*TM or Atmavedi Meditation is a pre-requisite for this program and will be included in the course if not already received.




Ten 1:1 Clarity Sessions
($1500 Value)
Weekly Virtual Group Session (Every Sunday)
($555 Value)
10-Module digital-OM Content & Practice Templates
Inspirations & Daily Journal Prompts
($397 Value)
 Mini Immersions (Including but not subject to): 
(Chakras, Mind-Sciences, Dream Yoga, Meditation, Angelic Science, Intention Setting, Manifestation, Mudras, Moon-Wisdom, Abundancy, Mantras & Affirmations, 
Re-Wiring Subconscious Mind & Clearing Blockages).
Audible Guided & Self-Practice Meditations.
Visualizations & Mindful-Embodiment Exercises.
($2222+ Value)
FB Pop-Up Group for Star support.
w/ A Powerful House of Divine Sistars!



Every Sunday from 9am-11am EST, we will be meeting collectively via virtual hangout space (Zoom App).
Each week has a specific themed module with engaging + masterful content, including daily practices & wisdom for integration. Each group session will interweave meditation practice & module lesson. Each module includes a 1:1 Clarity Session at a time convenient for you that same week.

Everyone will have 24/7 access to group support via FB Pop-UP for connection & nurturing accountability along our cosmic journey together.

  M O D U L E S 

your tri-une (Body-Mind-Soul) relationship with Divine Law (Love & Law) & learn how to use its Life-force energy for freedom + manifestation “as within & so without!"

with lunar cosmology + the power of E-Motion: sensualizing your experience as One with the Cosmos through shadow and light-ness.

Shakti energy through high Invocation of the Transformative Power of Yogic Goddesses in this potent Immersion meditation.

home to Supreme Love of Supreme Light. Commune with miracles via angelic science while feeling into Heart-based wisdom bold enough to peel back the layers towards your deepest desires.

your most Authentic Expression of Self- Unique + Universal. Listen & Free your Inner Song. 


Yoga Play-shop Immersion shows you how to harness the incredible technology of Lucid Dreaming & the life-enhancing opportunities it offers.


Freedom, Fulfillment & Pure Love Evolution through Transcendental Consciousness +  alternative meditation techniques & mind-sciences.

Pure Creative Intelligence/Goddess Consciousness via Ancient Wisdom; Going Beyond
the limitations of the 'small self' into Unboundless awareness of the Infinite Self

from a new-found space of clarity, conviction & beautiful energy. Co-inspire your Destiny with your Universal Self (Infinite Possibility); your greatest ally.

within a deeply meditative +  introspective space, strengthening your connection with Natural Law for trans-personal liberation + divine manifestation.
Opportunity for Q+A.

Total Value of this Bundle:

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10 Weekly Payments of  $90 

If you had the opportunity to BE the BEING Goddess Intends for you to be; bathing in:

prosperity,  authenticity, empowerment, bliss, happiness, love, confidence, genius, creativity, health, clarity, harmonious relationships, abundance, 'y mas alla,' would you hesitate to seize this opportunity for another second?

Definitely Not! Though if you are still “on the fence” let me ask you a question?

What is it costing you, & to the relationships around you, to go another day feeling inadequate, worthless, stressed, separate, in despair, struggling, striving, pushing, anxious, unseen, or unheard?

What will it cost you to go days, weeks, and even months in the same menial way you’re going?  

Get the most ancient + innovative scoop on how to transcend outdated paradigms & clear blocks, honor your ancestral lineage, connect with Divinity, transcend fearlessness, explore higher states of Consciousness, learn dream Yoga, explore a Healthy Lunar Cycle and how it speaks to you, finally create your masterpiece, refine your intuition, attract more, feel beautiful & joyful, let go of debilitating negativity, unleash your creative inner genius, reawaken your inner Goddess, or uplevel your life & so much more....GIRL, I GOT YOU!


How do I know ATMADEVI is for me?

AtmaDevi was designed for you if you are seeking deep transformation while unfolding your Divine Essence Self within mind-body-Soul.

Who is ATMADEVI not for?

Every woman who is not ready to do the inner-work that it takes to be established in freedom. If you are committed to your limitations, then this is for sure not for you.

Do I have to be a Yogini?

Yoga is the most natural state of being. Regardless, you don't have to have any idea about Yoga to maximize results. 

What is AtmaVedi Meditation?

AtmaVedi Meditation is a 10,00-year old, automatic self-trascending technique where you are given a personalized mantra designed to transcend into more subtle states of mind, eventually to arrive at the Source of Thought/Pure Awareness.


Is this a Religion thing?

If you consider Self-Love a religion then yes. Otherwise, this is a spiritualizing science + art designed for self-realization. It emphasizes the teachings & wisdom of non-dualism & transcendental consciousness. Anyone of any religion or practice will benefit from its complimentary detail.

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Payment Plan

Payments of $90

My love, this cosmic bundle wasn't created because of a necessarily "burning desire," rather it was simply my time to answer an Ancestral calling.

 I was guided to create this divine experience for you, Woman of Great Mystery, before I could take another step forward, and I'm so glad I did!

It is a sincere life-changer. Transformation isn't limited to the 3 States of Consciousness (W,D, S). With this inner-standing, we establish the unique neuro-physiology of the 4th state of Consciousness known as 'Turiya' or Transcendental Consciousness.

In this space, all inner-work is amplified, all Life is enhanced, and transformation maximized.

By fine-tuning the Instruments of Grace through a multi-dimensional and whole-istic approach, we increase awareness of our most expansive & powerful aspects of our Goddess Self that have remained hidden for far too long.

J A I  G U R U  D E V I


©2018 Wholly Yogini