I'm Trace
- the Spirit of Wholly Yogini.

I’ve come along way for you. For what is my life but a Universal offering, here to serve you?

MAESTRA, It is time to live your Truth.

To fully express yourself + to embody your
most liberated sense of Self!

Realize your Infinite Being and Rise;
Rise into the New Era of your Ultimate Becoming.

You are here to achieve your maximum potential in life and settle into the core of your most natural essence: truth-consciousness-bliss.

If you're looking for company in your smallness, self-limiting beliefs, or victim mentality, you won’t find it here.

Your causal nature is far too powerful for me to deny.

There is no greater moment than right now
to yoke who you most naturally are.

Wake into your REAL Self & receive your most Glorious Incarnation.

You are worthy of love, joy, long-lasting Happiness!
You are here to impact the World,
simply by Being You! 

AUDIO guided meditation!

©2018 Wholly Yogini